Active and Involved PTA Keeps the School Humming

11 PTA committees under the presidency of Lisa Stiebel  keep the school humming with activities.  The success of our students depend on a strong PTA and parents and guardians are encouraged to get involved. Click here to find out how you can play your part. Each committee chair can be mailed directly from the website. Here is a recap of recent activities:

  • The Spiritual Committee chaired by Jacqueline Coke-Lloyd focuses on teaching our girls about inner beauty and confidence. Sessions were held in March and May. Topics covered included dress codes, fashion, grooming and purpose. Presenters have included:
    • OG Sharon Wint-Levy
    • Althea Laing
    • Dr Sarah Lawrence
  • The Health & Welfare Committee and the Excellence in Education Committee got off to a great first day of exams. Breakfast was served and the Spiritual Development Committee led devotion.






  • The successful April Walk-A-Thon from NMIA roundabout to Port Royal Primary raised funds for the planned extension of the Staff Room. The Walk-A-Thon is held every other year.