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St Andrew Girls At Heart – Always

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Over 10,000 girls have attended St Andrew High since its founding in 1925. St Andrew old girls have blazed trails across the world, taking paths and excelling in professions available to women – and many which were not.  In every corner of the world you will find a St Andrew old girl—the proud beneficiary of an excellent high school education – making  valuable contribution in her chosen community. Alumnae connect with SAHS and fellow old girls in many ways.

The St Andrew Old Girls Association (SAOGA)  established in 1931, is an active forum for networking and facilitates direct involvement with both the school and students—student mentoring, scholarships, student welfare, sports development and more.  The annual SAOGA Saint Award inaugurated in 2012 honours old girls who have made outstanding contributions to the school and the wider society. The SAOGA Executive meets every second Tuesday at 6.00pm at School.

  • In New YorkFloridaWashington DC, Georgia, Toronto and UK old girls gather and organize as overseas chapters and associations in support of the school’s development.
  • We serve on the School Board and spearhead the school’s fundraising efforts through the SAHS Foundation.  Old girls provide technical assistance, support and guidance as needed on many aspects of the school’s development.   An active on-line community hosts year groups, associations, chapters and life-long friendship circles.  Registration on the Alumnae Network keeps you in touch with the school and alumnae throughout the world.

St Andrew is fortunate to have three and four generations of St Andrew girls. Old girls and graduating students are always encouraged to Get in Touch and Get Involved. Our alumnae are the school’s strength…we remain St Andrew girls at heart – always.

“I am so proud to have been a student at this amazing institution. I’m happy about all the new developments. Fabulous website!!” -2007 Graduate in Jamaica