Christmas Term 2016

Dear Family Members

We have begun the 2016-2017 Academic year on a very positive note as we are still basking in the beautiful memories of our 90th Anniversary Celebrations which many of us were privileged to enjoy last year. The theme for our Anniversary year, “Enriched Empowered Abounding in God’s Favour” still resounds in our ears and we are most grateful to the Lord for His loving kindness and tender mercies so freely given to us as members of this wonderful school family.

The profound impact of our theme for the 90th Anniversary celebrations has resulted in the choice of the theme for this academic year: “Enriched in order to Empower”. As a staff and as a school family we want to ensure that at all levels, we invest quality time and resources in the process of enriching ourselves so that we can then be in a position to enrich and empower our colleagues and our students. We are determined to continue in our quest to identify strategies that work in engaging and impacting the lives of these young people known as Generation Z and this was the focus of our staff development exercises at the start of this term.

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