Maintaining the Legacy

Our growth and development is only possible through the loyal and committed support of our school community – alumnae, parents, students, teachers and friends. Maintaining the Legacy is a uniting goal for our community.



Online giving is coordinated and managed by the SAHS Foundation, established in 2005 by the Board of Governors and registered as a charitable organisation.

Donors have a choice of Projects and Funds spanning capital development, special projects and student welfare.

Of importance is the Legacy Endowment Fund, maintained by the Foundation to support the school in perpetuity.

The School’s growth and development are supported by the Foundation’s medium and long-term capital projects,  In 2015 the Foundation completed the 3-year renovation of the Mary Dawson Science Block (formerly the Old Science Block).

Online Donations are made via PayMaster (JAD and USD) and PayPal (USD). PayPal donations are tax-deductible for USA residents.