Principal’s Welcome

Dear Parent/Guardian:


It is my privilege to welcome you most heartily to the St. Andrew High School Family. We are very happy to have you and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship as we work together to ensure that the learning environment for your daughters /wards is at high standard.

St. Andrew High School provides an excellent opportunity for your daughters to explore and hone their skills and abilities in a wide variety of areas. The strong emphasis on academic achievement is balanced by the requirement for students to be involved in sports and other co-curricular activities. This holistic approach to education has long been the hallmark of the St. Andrew High School experience and we ask that you encourage your daughters to make the best of every moment.

During the 90 years that the institution has been serving this nation, it has built up a tradition of excellence in all areas. Our Graduates are admired across the country and indeed the world for the positive role that they play in nation building.

It is our hope that over the next five to seven years we can partner in this task of moulding and motivating your daughters/wards into becoming women of excellence.

Life more abundant.

Yours sincerely,

Sharon Reid (Mrs.)