PTA Committees – 11 Ways to Be Involved in School Life

Committed Leadership & Diverse Support for Your Child and School Life

Welcome to the family of the St. Andrew High School for Girls where you will find all voices are heard, all views considered, all staff committed, all parents supportive and all girls motivated.

Our family through God, functions as a team and the desire for excellence is driven from the leadership. Principal Mrs. Sharon Reid and her Vice Principals combined with a visionary Board of Management and am enthusiastic PTA leadership  provides the platform on which we strive for excellence.

Volunteering on a committee gets you involved. Email us with your committee choice to serve or for more information.



HEALTH & WELFARE :                                                                                           Contact Us Now!

  • Support the school in its efforts to maintain a clean and healthy environment.
  • Educate/train students in proper sanitation practices.
  • Assist with breakfast/lunch.
  • Assist with books/uniforms.
  • Provide medical assistance (either free or at lower costs, that is, through parents/ old girls, friends in medical fields.
  • Networking of parents.
  • Plan seminars and providing counselling.

SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT:                                                                              Contact Us Now!

  • Find ways to enhance the Spiritual Life of the girls.
  • Take and attend devotions at least once per month/term.
  • Work with Guidance Department.
  • Offer support to Teachers and students in times of loss and grief.
  • Work closely with the Inter Schools Christian Fellowship.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY:                                                                     Contact Us Now!

  • Motivate, improve and expand the school’s learning community through technology.
  • Integrate technology into the school, based on the school’s educational vision.
  • Improve student learning.
  • Support the school’s initiatives in the use of technology.
  • Provide professional development and support for staff.
  • Assist in periodic reviews and updating of the school’s technology plan.

EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION:                                                                       Contact Us Now!

  • Liaise with Administration and the Learning Enhancement Centre to identify strategies at fostering excellence within the school community.
  • Represent the PTA on the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board and assist the Committee in carrying out some of its functions.
  • Continually promote programmes and activities with the view to achieve excellence from Teachers and Students. 

STAFF WELFARE:                                                                                             Contact Us Now!

  • Improve the working conditions of all staff.
  • Foster good relationships with and among staff members.
  • Assist with the creation of incentives for staff.

FUNDRAISING:                                                                                                 Contact Us Now!

  • Work closely with other committees.
  • Spearhead Fundraising Activities.
  • Inform Treasurer of plans.

GRADE REPRESENTATIVES COMMITTEE:                                         Contact Us Now!

  • Liaise with the girls in each grade, the Grade Coordinator & the PTA.
  • Meet and have prayers with the respective grade levels monthly or at least once per term.
  • Plan activities or interactions based on the needs of the Grade.
  • Responsible for ticket distribution and collection of monies for events.
  • Monitor Grade-related projects and attend PTA Meetings.

TECHNICAL & ENVIRONMENTAL:                                                            Contact Us Now!

  • Provide technical support to the school’s administration.
  • Identify projects at the start of the school year based on principal’s suggestion.
  • Present budget at Executive Meetings to ensure that funding is available to carry out projects.
  • Liaise with Operations Manager to ensure proper maintenance of the school environment.
  • Source material and labour for projects.
  • Report on activities at committee meetings.

PUBLIC RELATIONS:                                                                                     Contact Us Now!

  • Create awareness among parents of the PTA’s goals & programmes.
  • Foster a sense of community and co-operation among parent body.
  • Provide publicity of the activities of the PTA /School.
  • Encourage participation of as many parents as possible in the activities of the PTA.

SPORTS DEVELOPMENT:                                                                             Contact Us Now!

  • Work closely with the Physical Education Department to raise funds for gear and uniforms.
  • Identify companies to be contacted for donations.
  • Send “Thank You” letters & news of sponsored events to the sponsors.
  • Inform the Executive Body of the events and results.

PARENT WELFARE:                                                                                        Conatct Us Now!

  • Empower, strengthen and assist the parent body in becoming better and more dynamic individuals.
  • Plan and execute seminars to inform parents and increase their awareness.
  • Plan and execute socials to provide fellowship and peer support