PTA President’s Message

Lisa StiebelWelcome to the Family…Get ready for what promises to be a life-changing adventure in your daughters’ lives!

 Abundance. Excellence. Integrity … Favoured. To name a few adjectives that come to mind as I attempt to introduce the St Andrew High School experience. It is said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. It is the beginning of a new season; the fullness of which, like any investment, your girls will reap as much as they sow. So it is for us parents as well…. I encourage you to jump on board with both feet fitted with boldness, a spirit of expectation, a mindset for service and most importantly…a heart filled with love.

These girls are not our own, they belong to Him first, what a phenomenal responsibility and opportunity! The transformation will be uniquely beautiful. As the chapter unfolds, you will see your daughter’s bloom where they have been divinely planted, from  wide-eyed wonder to refined elegance. I have seen this year after year, and it never ceases to amaze me, so be prepared to capture every moment.

The PTA plays a very integral role in our school community, and is a powerful tool to undergird and support the functioning of the school.  There is a legacy of commitment and service that we intend to maintain, strengthen and continue.  As any body, there are many parts with many functions, for which we all have our gifts and talents.  We are coming out of the 90th Anniversary year for the school; it was a meaningful time of activities and commemorative celebrations.  We saw the completion of our newly renovated hall, the inaugural hoisting of our flag, and the revision of our school song to name a few.

We have great plans for th
e upcoming year, so I encourage you to select a committee and join us as we navigate the academic year 2016-17.

We are so blessed…let us agree to be a blessing.

Best Regards,

Lisa Stiebel (Mrs)