The SAOGA Saint Award

TheSaintInaugurated in 2012 the Saint Award is announced annually at the SAOGA’s annual Carol Service in November/December and presented at the annual Valentine’s Dinner in February of the following year.

Awardees are Old Girls who:

  • contribute significant time and resources to the development and welfare of the School and students and play a role in the wider society;
  • demonstrate leadership, courage, dignity and respect for self and others;
  • exemplify the spiritual and moral values taught at St Andrew High School.

2016 Saint Awardees (Read More)

2015 (Read More)

  • Sybil Thompson, CD
  • The Honourable Patricia Durrant, OJ, CD

2014  (Read More)

  • Fay McIntosh
  • The Honourable Mrs. Dorothy ‘Mikki’ Pine-McLarty OJ

2013  (Read More)

  • Dr Deanna Ashley, CD
  • Mrs Gloria Barrett-Sobers

2012 (see more)

  • Professor The Honourable Professor Elsa Leo-Rhynie (Fairweather), OJ, CD
  • Rev. Dr Hyacinth Booth

2011 Awardees

  • Glen Lee
  • Sonia Hayden (Robinson)
  • Dr. Michelle Holt