Our Principal & Staff

Qualified, Experienced and Motivated. 

Mrs Bowes and Reid

Vice Principal Upper School Mrs. Allison Bowes with Principal Mrs. Sharon Reid, and Vice Principal Lower School Mrs. Georgia Roper

Mrs Roper

DEPARTMENTS – All teachers can be contacted by clicking on their names to generate an e-mail.

 GEOGRAPHY/SOCIAL STUDIES – Miss Michelle Rhone – Department Head

GUIDANCE  & COUNSELLING – Mrs. Christine McCook – Department Head
HISTORY/SOCIOLOGY  – Mrs Diane Nelson – Department Head

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY  – Mrs Colette Lemard – Department Head

LANGUAGE ARTS & LITERATURES – Mrs Sydonna Gilzene-McCain – Department Head
Miss Cadean Clayton

MATHEMATICS/TECHNICAL DRAWING – Mrs Dawn Thompson-Clarke – Department Head

PHYSICAL EDUCATION  – Miss Jennifer Brown – Department Head 

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION – Mrs Stacy-Ann Zodge – Department Head