Life More Abundant
Established September 21, 1925
" Excellence in Education-Own it"
Emrie James Museum
Our museum named after Miss Emrie James - our executive administrator for 42 years.

"Excellence in Education-Own it"

Tune in to TVJ this Sunday @ 8PM and hear the indomitable St. Andrew High School for Girls choir
health fare 23
SAHS PTA Health Fair 2023 .Thanks to all those who participated

Interhouse Competition Results. Congrats All.


  1. Arc
  2. Stockhausen
  3. Garthshore
  4. Anderson
  5. Darling
  6. Cavell

Gartshore Cup

  1. Darling
  2. Anderson
  3. Arc
  4. Garthshore
  5. Cavell
  6. Stockhausen

One One Coco

Your monthly or recurring donation – large or small – to the SAHS Foundation is an easy way to give and build your support to the School. One One Coco donations go to Student Support - 230 girls receiving $500 per day for lunch, bus fare and other essential needs.

Maintaining the Legacy

Our journey from 1925 with 12 students to over 1500 students today and an earned reputation for academic excellence, has been achieved with the generous and dedicated support of many. We invite you to continue to help us to Maintain the Legacy with your donation.

Old Girls Associations

The Old Girls Associations in Jamaica, USA, Canada and the UK are your active forums for networking and linking with the School. SAOGA Jamaica was founded in 1931 - six years after the School's founding. USA chapters include New York, Washington DC Metro, Georgia, Florida.

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Donations to the School are coordinated and managed by the SAHS Foundation, established in 2005 by the Board of Governors and registered as a charitable organisation. Online giving is provided with the support of the St Andrew Alumnae Association Inc. – Washington DC Metro Chapter, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit.