Annual Academic Focus

Each year the principal writes the Academic Focus for the year. The years 2012 through to the current year are posted here.

The 2018/19 Academic Focus

Theme: Soaring Beyond Borders…Living the Life More Abundant Focus:  Teaching and Learning Last year much time was spent exploring the concept of SOARING as we focused on lifting the levels of teaching and learning in the institution to even higher heights. The image of the eagle in flight became our reference point as we sought to examine and pattern the characteristics of this king of birds that served to inspire and instruct us as we aimed at achieving our goal of maximizing our potential. Thus becoming the best that we can be both individually and as a school family. As we face the start of a new year, it is time to reflect on the progress we have made and to measure the extent to which targets set have been met and goals identified have been achieved. In order to complete this exercise, the first step is to RECAP the concerns articulated last year and the decisions that were taken: Read More