021St Andrew High School established its reputation for academic excellence very early, boasting the very first Centenary Scholar and several Jamaica Scholars, and has since had decades of outstanding passes in the major regional examinations.

Alumnae have made their mark in many fields including medicine, law, education and the performing arts.

Today the school’s academic programme is still superior, continually seeking to keep pace with new developments in education management. Some of the strategies employed include:

Recruitment and retention of competent staff with continuous training in their fields. A learning enhancement programme for teachers of grades 7-9  assists teachers in developing strategies and programmes to strengthen learning.

Utilisation of the stakeholders network – parents, staff and alumnae provide students with a resilient support system.

Production of a curriculum guide for parents and students assists parents in keeping abreast of their daughter’s progress.

Rich extra-curricular experiences through after-school programmes and community service complements and enhances academic performance.

Unwavering commitment of staff and students to the Core Values of excellence .

Driven by the school’s motto, “Life More Abundant”, the academic programme provides every girl the opportunity to develop her full potential encouraging each St Andrew lady to fulfil the school’s vision of standing out as “leaders in the society, maintaining a tradition of excellence”.