Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To provide a world class secondary education for our students in a  caring Christian environment, through the active participation of all stakeholders including the contribution of highly competent and motivated staff with modern systems, keeping in mind the four fold development – physical, mental, spiritual and social – so as to equip them with healthy bodies, well trained minds, religious principles and ideals to serve their country and beyond as disciplined, productive citizens, living  a “Life More Abundant.”

The Vision

Our students will stand out as leaders in the society, maintaining a tradition of excellence by maximising their academic potential whilst being socially aware, digital and involved citizens with strong Christian and moral values, contributing positively to the strengthening of the nation and the world.

St. Andrew High School for Girls will be an international model for education which successfully provides a culture of discipline, morality, compassion and achievement for young women in Jamaica.


Reverence for God




Integrity & Honesty

Kindness & Compassion

Mission Objectives

  1. To provide a secondary education which takes into account and is responsive to trends and demands at the level of the community – locally, nationally, regionally and globally.
  2. To nurture and enhance literary skills and natural curiosity and to foster a love for learning as a foundation for increasing knowledge and understanding.
  3. To develop persons with balanced and well-trained minds; able to think critically, have problem solving skills, use initiative, and reason and analyse efficiently and effectively in order to make informed decisions.
  4. To create a Christian environment that provides the opportunities for the development of good and acceptable social skills and ideals.
  5. To encourage the formation of leadership skills and an understanding and acceptance of the role and responsibility of being a member of a community and a nation.
  6. To inculcate the importance of living together harmoniously and the requirement to give service worthily and unselfishly.
  7. To encourage the development of a healthy body and mind through the participation in sports, other co‑curricular activities and relevant stimulating academic programmes in a wholesome, physical and social environment.
  8. To expose and equip each student with the attributes necessary to earn a living and develop her full potential, to take advantage of opportunities, and to live a “Life More Abundant” in a rapidly changing society.
  9. To create the best environment for teaching and learning through the provision of appropriate and adequate resources.
  10. To ensure the highest quality education for students by recruiting and retaining qualified and highly trained staff, facilitating staff development and having support programmes.