Francesca Brown, born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1957 to Donald and Dorette Brown, found a deep and life-long passion for St. Andrew High School for girls when she attended in the 1960s. Endearingly called “Chess” by her large family and community, she was an active child, bi-lingual in English and German, who even then had a passion for people and the world around her. She spent a year in Germany as a young child with her grandparents and subsequently returned to Jamaica to continue her studies and activities.

Francesca was successful in matriculating to the St. Andrew High School for girls. She was a highly intelligent student, balancing scholastics with extra-curricular activities such as sports, sailing, and scuba diving as well as dedicated to her significant pool of friends and family. She embodied her fathers vision of an active child involved in as many activities as possible, from swimming, and tennis whilst maintaining the friendly, outgoing, hardworking, and efficient disposition that still resonates with her former classmates and friends.

Her passions were also molded by her grandfather Sam who taught gardening. As an adult Francesca developed a passion for saving bees. Later on she also discovered the magic and love of the sea, which would shape her personality for the rest of her life.

The memory of Francesca lives on in the many ways she impacted people around her with her deep compassion, dedication to family and friends, determined leadership and a deep commitment to her alma mater. Her deep love for St. Andrew High, intellectual development, service to others and a well-rounded life, serves as tangible role model to future students and women everywhere and represents the true embodiment of a “Life More Abundant”.


                                                                                        Francesca Brown