SAHS Foundation Directors Add Their Pledges to the One One Coco Basket. L-R: PTA President Lisa Stiebel, Deanna Ashley, Marie Clarke, Pat Durrant, Sharon Reid, Gloria Barrett-Sobers, Jessica Jones, Avril Crawford, SAOGA President Sally Carter, Maxine Henry-Wilson.

Become a One One Coco Donor today. Give a small recurring donation to the SAHS Foundation to Maintain the Legacy.

Your JMD or USD contributions are tax-deductible. With every One One Coco donation your total contribution to your alma mater grows.

  1. One One Coco Giving is Easy:  Select a monthly recurring amount and send in your pledge
    $1,500 $15
    $2,500 $25
    $4,000 $50
    $5,000 $75
    $10,000 $100
  2. We have three methods for making your One One Coco Online giving easy. Click here for the links, details and account numbers.

Your personal online bank account in Jamaica to the Foundation’s JMD or USD accounts held in Jamaica at First Caribbean International Bank – CIBC. We recommend a standing order and an ACH transfer to avoid bank fees. Recommended for Jamaican residents.

 The Givelify online donation app downloadable to your Android or Iphone from the Google Play Store or App Store accepts all major credit cards.  Recommended for US residents.

 PayPal has easy recurrent giving. Set it up and forget about it.  Accepted currencies in addition to the US dollar, are: Canadian Dollar (CAD), Sterling (GBP), Euros (EUR) and Australian (AUD). Your donation is converted into USD at the prevailing rate.

Annual statements will be emailed from the SAHS Foundation, documenting your total annual donation to the SAHS Foundation, and the level of giving you have obtained.

Campaign Accumulated Donations
Dubonnet under $50,000
St. Andrew $50,000 – $99,900
Abundant Life $100,000 – $250,000
Heritage $250,000 – $500,000
Legacy Builder $500,0000 – 1 million
Legacy Club 1 million and over

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