Healthy competition is vital for character building and each student has the option of becoming involved in her house activities and having lots of fun while doing so. There are six schoolhouses, each house avidly claiming its supremacy, as students discover and hone their skills in a series of competitions ranging from sports to art, drama to house and even gardening skills; all culminating in the coveted title of Champion House.

2012-2013 Inter-House Competition Results

  Position Gartshore CupNovember 8, 2012 NetballNovember 26, 2012  AthleticsJanuary 25, 2013 CheerleadingJanuary 25, 2013 Speech & DramaMarch 26, 2013 SwimmingApril 11, 2013
Junior Senior
1st Darling Anderson Stockhausen Anderson Cavell Cavell Stockhausen
2nd Anderson Arc Cavell Stockhausen Anderson Gartshore Darling
3rd Cavell Darling Darling Darling Gartshore Arc Cavell
4th Stockhausen Stockhausen Gartshore Cavell Stockhausen Stockhausen Anderson
5th Gartshore Cavell Anderson Gartshore Arc Anderson Gartshore
6th Arc Gartshore Arc Arc Darling Darling Arc

House competitions allow students to develop a team spirit and the ability to work well with others, an important life skill for the adult world. We also form bonds with our schoolmates and our teachers in a completely new way!

10_8691The six houses – Anderson, Arc, Cavell, Darling, Gartshore,Stockhausen –   are named for exceptional women including two former headmistresses who exhibited great acts of service and outstanding courage in areas that were closed to women. Students keep the legacy of greatness alive by participating in the inter-house competitions and developing their full potential as these heroines did.