By Sarah Northover 10R

 Day One – Discus and High Jump

 On Monday, January 24, 2017, the competition for Sports Day truly began with the finals for several field events, Discus and High Jump, between the hours of 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Discus – Class 3 – The competition truly began in earnest between Arc, Darling and Gartshore; represented by Sarah Northover, Jade James and Gabrielle Walker in that order for Class 3 Discus. The throws were close, and these were the results.

House Athlete Distance Position
Gartshore Gabrielle Walker 26.37m 1
Darling Jade James 25.70m 2
Arc Sarah Northover 23.03m 3
Stockhausen Anya McDonald 14.24m 4
Anderson Jean-Ann Jones 11.13m 5
Gartshore Sheilen Hibbert 10.60m 6

Discus – Class 2 – With more participants, there was a clear struggle to come out on top and to win points for their respective houses. Ladies with different and varying levels of experience were all bundled together for this class. Here are the results:

House Athlete Distance Position
Stockhausen Celine Falconer 33.45m 1
Anderson Raesha Hyman 30.65m 2
Darling Latoya Jibbison 21.56m 3
Darling Davina Russell 20.70m 4
Cavell Danielle Harrison 14.60m 5
Anderson Kai Clarke 14.55m 6
Gartshore Asha-Kaye Donaldson 14.35m 7
Arc Sheyenne Leslie 13.56m 8
Stockhausen Trina Robinson 11.60m 9
Arc Nachel Kirkland 10.10m 10

Discus – Class 1 – The final and most booked class was Class 1, with all two spots filled for every house. Most ladies were first time throwers, and although antsy about their respective skill, put out only their best. All their efforts, however, could not outshone the star of the show, Kerrayne Fray of Anderson House, who threw a whopping ten metres over second place. The full results are below:

House Athlete Distance Position
Anderson Kerrayne Fray 36.50m 1
Gartshore Paulan Henry 21.28m 2
Stockhausen Aleicia Barrett 20.69m 3
Darling Kasheika Powell 20.02m 4
Gartshore Venessa Daley 17.87m 5
Anderson Celieciah Williams 16.56m 6
Arc Shaneka Johnson 12.03m 7

High Jump – After Discus, came High Jump. The tables were moved, the bar was set up, and without much more ado, it began. By this time in the day, a small grouping of spectators gathered to watch, cheering on all indiscriminately.

Class 4 – This was a small group, only three young ladies. However, it was no less intense as the sheer concentration these girls put into their work at clearing the bar, was noted. Joanna Pinnnock and D’Andra Crosdale were matching one another for every height, and it was only at 1.40m did Joanna take the lead. Officially, these are the results:

House Athlete Height Position
Arc Joanna Pinnock 1.40m 1
Cavell D’Andra Crosdale 1.35m 2
Stockhausen Celiyah Brown

Class 3 – The next class rolled around soon enough, and, sorry for the pun, raised the bar. Starting out at 1.30m instead of 1.25m, several people were immediately eliminated, including the entirety of Gartshore. The ones left, however, prove to be fierce foil for one another as at one point, many thought there would be a four-way tie for first! The hardest height to clear was 1.50m, and all but one of the athletes wouldn’t be able to defeat that monster. Though highly competitive, there was good sportsmanship throughout and three houses walked away with silver.

House Athlete Height Position
Stockhausen Khalea Taylor 1.50m 1
Arc Zoe Shaw 1.45m 2
Cavell Sydnie Montague 1.45m 2
Darling Zourie Smith 1.45m 2

Class 2 – The afternoon of the day came with a sweltering heat that made several umbrellas pop up. It was in this sort of weather that Class 2 High Jump began. The group was not as small as class 4, but as most exited the competition as quickly as they entered, it could be considered so. Both Shamike Gordon and Danielle Tennant showed off their finesse by scissoring the first heights with ease, only getting serious at 1.40m. This duo battle ended at 1.50m, when Danielle Tennant dropped out.

House Athlete Height Position
Cavell Shamike Gordon 1.55m 1
Cavell Danielle Tennant 1.45m 2
Darling Davina Russell 1.30m 3

Class 1 – Last, but certainly not the least, was Class 1 Girls High Jump, consisting of four competitors. Most spectators were waiting for this, as the girls were nearly all athletes. The competition was brilliant, especially for Arc and Anderson, as Arc’s Sport Captain Gianni Miller and Anderson’s Assistant House Captain Lorean Murray were in the thick of it. Meanwhile Kelly-Ann Downer had invented a new way to clear the bar, up until 1.45m at least. The Good-natured battle between the two house leaders ended at 1.55m, where only Lorean walked out. She went on after the record, and is recorded below:

House Athlete Height Position
Anderson Lorean Murray 1.70m 1
Arc Gianni Miller 1.50m 2
Darling Kelly-Ann Downer 1.40m 3
Stockhausen Tara-Lee Thomas 1.35m 4

Day Two – Shot-put and Long Jump – The second day of field events opened on the 25th of January, just after a light drizzle. The two events recorded today were Shot-put Open and Long Jump.


This event being the first for the day, gathered those hoping for some early points. Even though there were not many, but a few who actively practiced Shot-put, the throws were all intense and close. A long line of students from all grades stopped to watch and cheer on the athletes, being particularly lively when there was an excellent throw.

House Athlete Distance Position
Stockhausen Celine Falconer 10.58m 1
Anderson Lorean Murray 9.80m 2
Anderson Kerrayne Fray 9.67m 3
Darling Latoya Jibbison 9.24m 4
Darling Kasheika Powell 8.76m 5
Arc Patricia McLean 8.36m 6
Stockhausen Francine Perry 8.06m 7
Arc Shanise Rose 6.85m 8
Gartshore Paulan Henry 6.63m 9
Gartshore Vanessa Daley 5.09m 10

Long Jump – Class 4 – Young promising girls lined up to the tables to write their names down for the Class 4 Girls Long Jump. Most of these ladies were experiencing their first year here, and were most certainly excited for the competition. With a bit of assistance from older athletes, these girls were ready and rearing to leap for the stars.

House Athlete Distance Position
Cavell D’Andra Crosdale 4.62m 1
Arc Joanna Pinnock 4.13m 2
Anderson Janae Vassell 4.02m 3
Stockhausen Lili Henderson 3.47m 4
Anderson Jada Woolcock 3.44m 5
Stockhausen Celiyah Brown 3.27m 6
Cavell Alana Rhoden 3.21m 7
Gartshore Jada Lyew 3.21m 7
Gartshore Allana Graham 3.19m 9
Darling Kaylea Walker 3.07m 10
Darling Kayla Carr 2.61m 11

Long Jump – Class 3 – Things started to heat up around this time, and not just because it was nearing noon. The Class 3 Girls stepped up to the board, clad in sneakers and spikes and determination on all their faces. This was a fiery competition between the Track and Field ladies, and one accomponied by an equally fiery crowd. There were mumurings of winners and losers, though only the ones below are official:

House Athlete Distance Position
Cavell Jada Barrucks 4.96m 1
Arc Sarah Northover 4.85m 2
Arc Davia Nichol 4.72m 3
Darling Zourie Smith 4.72m 3
Darling Ashleigh Kates 4.51m 5
Gartshore Brianna Bell 4.03m 6
Anderson Kaniella Hunter 3.78m 7
Gartshore Raven Lyn 3.75m 8
Anderson Alexia Williams 3.67m 9
Stockhausen Tanycia Walker 3.57m 10
Stockhausen Angel Brown 11

Long Jump – Class 2 – 
By the time Class Three was done, the Long Jump event was in full swing. There were students competing for the sake of their houses, and for those treasured few points. Amazing jumps and perhaps not-so-amazing but rather astounding leaps were made in this competition. Janielle Josephs of Gartshore House stole the gold in her first attempt, landing at the 5.27m mark, waiting for everyone else to follow.

House Athlete Distance Position
Gartshore Jenielle Josephs 5.27m 1
Arc Patricia McLean 4.96m 2
Cavell Ashley Lewis 4.80m 3
Stockhausen Chloe Campbell 4.73m 4
Stockhausen Tamoya Matthews 4.07m 5
Darling Davina Russell 4.02m 6
Gartshore Celina Miller 3.99m 7
Anderson Shemil Miller 3.88m 8
Cavell Francene Maulseed 3.88m 8
Andersom Jade Blake 3.19m 10

Long Jump – Class 1 – 
The final class of the day, Class 1 Girls, awaited me as I, along with many others, grew excited. The spectators were mostly from the Sixth Form, and very much enjoyed watching their friends compete against one another. Some of these young ladies were touching their toes to the sand for the first time in quite a while, and this experience would be learning-on-the-job. I would soon see that with my own eyes. One long anticipated competitor, of which everyone seemed to be betting their money on to win, was Lorean Murray. This competition was not to disappoint.

House Athlete Distance Position
Anderson Lorean Murray 5.33 1
Arc Gianni Miller 4.68 2
Cavell Athena Clarke 4.61 3
Stockhausen Chantelle Blake 4.47 4
Darling Kasheika Powell 4.29 5
Anderson T’Na-Ren Johnson 4.12 6
Stockhausen Tara-Lee Thomas 4.10 7
Arc Sashana Wright 3.92 8
Cavell Brittani Salmon 3.88 9
Gartshore Olivia Murdock