PTA President's Message

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! to all new and returning students and members of staff.  

As we chart these unprecedented waters, the PTA wants to assure you that we will be embarking on this journey together.  At St. Andrew High School for Girls (SAHS), we believe in the holistic development of the person.  In this regard, in addition to our commitment to provide students with a world-class education, we also strive to guide your continued growth as persons who value reverence for God, respect for self and others, integrity, kindness and compassion.

COVID-19 has added some challenges in navigating this journey, but it is our belief that with our hardworking members of staff and strong support of the PTA, students at SAHS will persevere and achieve life more abundant.  The online teaching- learning experience forms part of the challenges that come with Covid-19, however, SAHS has a history of converting challenges and perceived problems into opportunities, and hence, we are confident that we will rise to this occasion in our quest in ‘Being Relevant, Responsive and Reimaging unprecedented times’.  

Led by our dynamic principal, who is supported by two competent vice principals, a committed cohort of teachers, administrative and ancillary staff, we will not be stopped by any virus.  We live by the mandate of our school motto “Life More Abundant”, yet to be attained, so the journey continues.  The PTA welcomes you to the family, as we work together in our pursuit of excellence.

Naudia Croskill