Listing & Descriptions

Art Society – Members of the Art Society are taught to appreciate the visual and performing arts. They continually engage in activities that sharpen their skills. They are encouraged to be expressive and innovative thinkers while their activities reinforce the importance of teamwork and other values that apply to their general lives.

Basketball – The basketball season for high school girls begins during the month of March each year.  Our team has made it to the finals on several occasions and won the national competition in 2007.  The team aims to become national champions.

Book Club began in 2010 and since its inception has been supported by the school’s librarians Ms. Brown and Miss Hall. Their main goals include the creation of an environment where students can become enthusiastic and enthralled with the wonderful world of literature. They engage in a number of fun activities including bookmark making, reading games, storytelling, poetry reading, socials, book discussions and book sales.

Cheerleading – The cheerleading squad promotes school spirit, sportsmanship and unity at school events, sporting events, pep rallies and special events.  We are positive role models, demonstrate leadership abilities and are generally fun to know!

Choir – Over the years the St. Andrew High School Choir has played an important part in the development of its members, and various aspect of life at the institution. Their activities range from leading the hymns for morning general assembly to performances at the Commemoration Service and Award Ceremony to award winning performances at the JCDC Festival of the Performing Arts Competition. With guidance from their current Choir Director, Mrs. Rochelle-Linton Hughes, the group continues to develop its talents.

Crochet Club – Members of the Crochet Club learn an art thought to be in decline but now very popular worldwide.  By learning to crochet members explore their creativity and gain a marketable skill. Whether you are seeking to develop a lifelong hobby or you find that you wish to make a profession of it, the Crochet Club is a great place to get started.

Dance Troupe (SADT) – Inspired by Alvin Aileys quotation “Dance came from the people, and should always be given back to the people” SADT is passionately guided by a sixth form executive and an Artistic Director. SADT performs at annual school events – Commemoration Day Service, Evening of Culture and Carol Service and the JCDC Festival competition where they have earned an impressive medal tally. Auditions are held in the first semester of the academic year. It is recommended that applicants would have some dance training or be attending dance classes.

Debating Society – The Debating Society aims to develop students’ general awareness, public speaking, argument and debating skills. As such, they host internal and external debates and discussions centred on current affairs and engage in other activities such as training workshops, fundraising for charitable organizations. Currently the membership mainly consists of upper school students a fact that they are actively trying to change for this school year.

Drama Club – Performance of a high standard is the hallmark of the Drama Club. The group has won, the trophy Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s (JCDC) Best Speech Choir trophy for consecutive years and nine gold medals for all their speech entries. The group is in constant demand to perform at various School and civic functions. Miss Marcia Rowe continues to be the club’s faculty advisor and artistic director.

Drumming Ensemble – Founded in September 2002, the Drumming Ensemble is an exciting group of young drummers. Since the first performance at the SAHS Parent Teachers Association Evening of Culture the Ensemble has not stopped wowing audiences. The Ensemble has participated in a master class programme and other off-campus performances. Miss Ouida Lewis, Lecturer at Edna Manley College guides the group.

Environmental Club – Dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of the environment.  Activities include the plastic bottle collection drive, upkeep of the school’s Cecelio Park and projects with other environmental groups including the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) and other schools.

Girl Guides – This club is affiliated with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and they take their motto “Be Prepared” seriously. Their repertoire of activities include hiking Day, Cookie Month, local and international Camps, Food Sales, visitations to other unit meetings and to other places of interest such as children’s homes.

Inter-School Christian Fellowship (ISCF – You have never experienced this much fun and fellowship in Christ. Activities include inter-clubbing with other schools, visiting children’s homes, Bible study sessions, concerts, discussions, evangelism, discipleship, seminars, camps, leadership training and walkathons.

Key Club is a service club and member of the Jamaica Key Club District 6 dedicated to building a better society for tomorrow’s leaders. The Club visits children’s homes, basic schools, primary schools, and homes for the aged and street people and has completed over 1,000 service projects some of which have been recognized nationally and internationally. Members have graduated to serve on the Jamaica Key Club District and Key Club International Board.

Leadership Development Programme (LDP) – Grades 12 & 13 students are exposed to the “real” world through visiting lectures from career specialists, discussions, debates, role play and group work.  Students actively participate in committees and are encouraged to become catalysts for change on the school campus through leadership action.

Literary Society – Intended to develop in its members an appreciation of all genres of literary work, the Literary Society, hosts numerous educational and engaging activities. Members are encouraged to both write and critique each other’s work. Other activities include reading and discussing poetry, story-telling, playing literary games amongst many others and inter clubbing with other schools. Members are also encouraged to maintain a journal containing their original pieces.

Modern Languages – The Club promotes multi-culturalism and a love of languages. Members interact with foreign students from other schools/clubs, go on cultural interest trips, undertake school projects such as erecting French and Spanish campus signs and host an annual Modern Languages Day at the school.

Optimist Club – Following the creed of Optimist International which encourages individuals to have strength, good health, good relationships, positive thinking and to become the best that they can be, the club conducts positive service projects aimed at providing a helping hand to youth.  Best known for their upbeat attitudes, the members help children and youth to reach their full potential.

Peer Counselling Association (PCA) – An offshoot of the Fay Saunders Counselling Centre, PCA trains and develops Peer Counsellors (Grades 9-13) and members (all grades) to listen and offer support and guidance to other students.  All projects are geared towards helping others and positively influencing the school community. Projects include the adoption of a children’s home, the “Big-Sis-Lil’-Sis” programme pairing senior students or Peer Counsellors with incoming Grade 7 students.

Photography Club provides a place for beginners to learn and evolve in photography. We are currently seeking to acquire some equipment to improve the quality of our members’ work. Inter-clubbing provides an opportunity to share with other young, talented photographers and allows us to collectively improve our skills. There are also exciting plans to have the work of our members displayed around the school for all to see.

School Band – The main purpose of the band is to learn to play and appreciate all forms of music. Presently the group boast 18 members who are each able to play at least one instrument. These include the piano, violin, flute, saxophone, bass guitar, acoustic guitar and drums. The band has showcased its talents at events such as Evening of Culture held at the Little Theatre and the School’s Christmas service.

Sign Language Club – “Giving total praise with our hands,” this club focuses on teaching each member a non-verbal mode of communication for praising God, through fun activities such as songs, games, mimes and even sign language jeopardy!

Tourism Action Club (TAC) – Managed through the Jamaica Tourist Board’s Tourism Awareness Unit, students are sensitised to the value of tourism to Jamaica and the role each one can play in ensuring that Jamaica remains the premier Caribbean tourist destination.

Student Council – The democratically elected Council is student run and is a must for potential leaders and those interested in politics or government. The Council ensures that student voices and concerns are heard and advocates for student rights. At the start of each School year each form elects a Student Council Representative who serves on the Student Council Body, an executive body from Grades 12 and 13 and a Shadow Cabinet from grades 9-11. Each year the Student Council identifies and undertakes a project.

Sixth Form Association (SFA) – All sixth form students are encouraged to join SFA – it will look great on your college application.  SFA members network, share ideas and community projects with sixth form students from other schools. SFA completes three projects a year, two internally and one externally. The Association meets every Wednesday at 3:30pm. Dues are $300 per term.

Swimming – The swim team has approximately 60 members.  The requirement for joining the team is being able to swim 25m and tread for 60 seconds. The swim team practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 – 3:30pm. Practice sessions on Tuesdays focus on improving the technique of the newer members and Thursdays are devoted to endurance development. We also work with potential members who need strengthening to join the squad for the current year in the hope that they will be stronger to join in subsequent years. Swimmers are selected for meets based on their times.

UNESCO Club – An affiliate of the Jamaica National Commission for the United Nation’s, Club activities include conducting simple science experiments, arts & craft, games, book-drives, debates on cultural and current affairs and school projects such as cleaning of white boards. UNESCO club members participate in essay competitions, access scholarships and participate in camps and conferences nationally and internationally as well as visit senior citizen and children’s homes.  The Club meets regularly on Tuesdays at 2:30pm in Room 10.

Yearbook – Here’s a great way to be involved and make your contribution to School history. A school yearbook is printed every other year. Anyone with a creative mind, artistic and good organizational skills is encouraged to join. Committee members and editors are involved in writing, designing and coordinating the yearbook. The committee meets weekly on Fridays from 3-4pm in Room 46.  Members are expected to attend five consecutive meetings and pay dues of $500.