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SAOGA Southern Florida, USA

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It was February 1989 when a group of ten optimistic, never-take-no-for-an-answer women launched the St. Andrew Old Girls’ Association Florida Inc.

At that first meeting, held in the comfortable surroundings of Marguerite Graham’s home, we decided that, while our primary aim was to raise funds for our alma mater, we wanted to have fun and renew old friendships as well. Indeed, we have achieved all that and more.

  • Dierdre Benka-Coker, Class of 1986 / Darling – President
  • Mary Ann Raymond, Class of 1971 / Arc – Treasurer/Acting Vice President
  • Deanna Douglas (Bramwell), Class of 1962 / Cavell  – Assistant Treasurer
  • Dana Crawford (Street), Class of 1968 / Arc
  • Marguerite Graham (Davis), Class of 1959 / Darling